Loan for self-employed without bureaucracy

Many freelancers wonder if it is possible to get a personal loan without proof of fixed income. And the answer is yes – it is possible for a worker without a formal bond to enjoy the benefits of personal credit.

We are sure that now you should be curious to know how. Although proving a fixed income is important for approving a loan application, it can also be awarded to self-employed people (self-employed) and who usually have a variable income. So Sec Loansu manages to have a way to help them, often to leverage their business.

Why Autonomous loan?

Why Autonomous loan?

Self-employed workers are individuals who own a business of their own and have a great responsibility to keep the business alive. Becoming the owner of the business itself is the dream of many Brazilians, but the beginning of this endeavor may require more than we expect from our pockets.

Many people think that it can be difficult to get a loan for self-employed because they do not have a fixed monthly income.

Especially in the early years, self-employment means reinvesting much of the profit we generate to grow and increase sales. But how to do this while we need to pay bills and keep us?

The standalone loan may just be the right way out for your business to grow.

How to obtain loan for autonomous

How to obtain loan for autonomous

Here at Sec Loansu, we offer the so-called standalone, fast and unsecured loan for those who need a not so high and fast amount to cover the debts or invest in the work.

To apply for your standalone loan , simply make a simulation with us of the amount you need plus the number of installments in which you want to pay them, verify that the conditions meet your needs and place the order.

You will need to provide some personal and registration information for our analysis to take place. From this, we evaluate your profile – especially your credit score, which is the score that every CPF has before the financial market – and we will give you the answer in a matter of minutes. It is worth saying that the request must be made on your behalf and that you must be over 18 years old.

If approved, the money falls into the account reported in a matter of hours and you can use it to start your work as a freelancer, leverage the business or even to cover personal expenses that have accumulated.

Loan benefits for Sec Loansu autonomous

Loan benefits for Sec Loansu autonomous

NO BUREAUCRACY: With Sec Loansu, the entire application process is done quickly and the money falls into your account within hours;

INSURANCE: our systems are totally safe, all the data registered remain in total confidentiality;

LICITO: we respect all the requirements of the Brazilian laws and we do a serious credit analysis to offer the best for your profile;

FOR EVERYONE: even the self-employed who are denied can apply and take their money if it is approved;

FLEXIBILITY: The loan money can be used for almost all purposes, mainly to invest in your business.

Our loans are made totally online. You can access our site through the computer and even through our app on your Android smartphone.

Sec Loansu payment methods can be by bank transfer or by automatic debit. Thus, you do not have to worry about maturities and end up running the risk of delaying one of the installments. Our goal is to make your life easier by offering loans responsibly. Still have any questions about the loan for self-employed ? Visit our FAQs or contact us! We are always ready to help you!