Who gives out SMS credit without a job

The thing is, without a job, no credit is issued. The rules are valid and must be observed by all Latvian creditors! The article is out of date!

In Latvia, unemployment is still around 16 percent of the working age population. Nothing encouraging, you will agree. However, even if you are not currently employed or doing casual jobs, you can still get an SMS credit, just like anyone else who has a contract.

Creditors issuing SMS credit

Creditors issuing SMS credit

  • Hypocredit – the biggest loan

Hypocredit offers loans up to 1500 USD. Hypocredit issues a loan for a period of 1 to 24 months, which is basically more consumer credit than SMS credit. This credit is available from 19th (for an indefinite period of 20 years) to 75 years of age, and must not be in default.

  • Via SMS – the fastest service

Via SMS has extensive office hours and fast application processing. You can get the credit after enough time in about 10 minutes. You can apply for a loan at any time of the day, but you can only get cash during banking hours.

  • SMS Credit  and Merratu – the year standard

SMS Credit and Merratu are among the oldest SMS credit providers in Latvia – in fact, Merratu is the first fast credit provider in Latvia, launched in 2007. In addition, SMS Credit supports the charity portal  by donating 50 cents of each granted credit to the Good Works Initiative.

What all these loans have in common is that they can be obtained within 10 to 15 minutes. You will not be able to receive the credit if you are late in paying any credit.

Why is a loan without a lot of demands?

Although the unemployed seem to have no income, many inactive receive benefits – pensions, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, etc. – or do not work exclusively in the eyes of the law or work seasonally. SMS credit ensures that these groups can also borrow money in a way that suits them.

In addition, it is often not easy for employees to get a certificate of employment without the need for the chef and colleagues, if the lender does not offer a bank statement. The requirement for a certificate would certainly make SMS credit less attractive, so some SMS credit providers simply choose not to discriminate against anyone and extend the credit to people without a job.