9 Latinx Books You Must Read During Romance Awareness Month


August is romance awareness month and what better way to celebrate than with Latinx inspired romance novels. This month gives you the chance to read some amazing love-centric stories that have captured our hearts over the past few years. Maybe you are interested in a rom-com like The worst groomsman by Mia Sosa or you would like more of a sweet love story like A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey. Whatever your preference, we’ve got the story for you! Here are 9 books written by Latinx authors to add to your reading list this month.

The worst groomsman by Mia Sosa

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Carolina Santos is a wedding planner who was abandoned at the altar during her own wedding. Now she has to work with the man who ruined her big day: her ex’s brother, Max. Mia Sosa tells a beautifully funny story between Carolina and Max showing how love-hate relationships can evolve.

You had me in Hola by Alexis Daria

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Telenovela fans, this one is for you! Jasmine and Ashton both star in a bilingual romantic comedy. Their careers are already on the line, so they have to work hard to bring the heat to the big screen. Unfortunately, their first meeting does not go so well. Throughout the story, they work hard behind the scenes to make their jobs easier when the cameras come on. It’s a fun story to follow as a soap opera star and a telenovela track form a relationship within the Latinx community.

Never look back by Lilliam Rivera

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Never look back is an account of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice formed by the author’s experience as a Puerto Rican who grew up in the Bronx. Eury faces the effects of Hurricane Maria (and an evil spirit named Ato) when she falls in love with Pheus, who shares her love of bachata. It focuses on how Eury tries to overcome her trauma while exploring the effects of colonialism and generational trauma.

A Cuban guide for tea and the next day by Laura Taylor Namey

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Lila Reyes, a teenage girl very passionate about her Abuela’s bakery in Miami, travels to England and meets Orion Maxwell. This story will teach you about Cuban influences in Miami, Latino family ties, and what it means to start from scratch.

Furia by Yamile Saied Mendez

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Camila Hassan is at the center of Furia, who lives in Rosario, Argentina with strict parents, a football star for a brother while Camila also harbors the desire to be successful in football. The 16-year-old then reunites with her ex, who is a national football star, and life gets a bit tricky. Throughout history, mention is made of the #NiUnaMenos movement and the choices women face, often between a career and a family. Camila is an endearing and powerful Latina that you will love and for football fans this book is also an ode to sport and the love Argentines have for her.

His ideal partner by Priscilla Oliveras

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If you are looking for a story with all the emotions, this is what you need. Tomas is a single father with two main concerns: his daughter and his career. Yasmine dreams of becoming a professional Broadway dancer. Yasmine, Tomas’ daughter’s dance teacher, can she really have a romance if she’s not ready to settle down? This love story between Tomas and Yasmine really highlights the importance of family and how life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan.

Like water for chocolate by Laura Esquivel

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Like water for chocolate is a light and romantic story sprinkled with magical realism that became an instant classic following its release in 1993. Tita, who is in love with Pedro, is not allowed to be with him because she has to take care of his. mother. When Tita finds out that Pedro is about to marry his older sister, she turns to her traditional family recipes to help him cope with the sadness and frustration of their relationship. The strong emotions in this story are so captivating and the magic that comes through Tita’s cooking is what keeps us interested from start to finish.

Next year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton

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Next year in Havana is a story about Cuban history and passionate romance told through two stories in different time frames. There’s Elisa Perez in Havana, Cuba in 1958, and Marisol Ferrera in Miami 2017 discovering her Cuban roots. Marisol travels to Cuba to disperse the ashes of her abuela Elisa, but she discovers family secrets during her stay. The story continually shifts from one timeline to the next and we see Marisol embarking on a journey of self-discovery in Cuba.

American dreamer by Adriana Herrera

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American dreamer is the first book in a series by Adriana Herrera. This is a story between an Afro-Caribbean food truck owner, Nesto Vasquez, and Jude Fuller, a librarian whose life is improving. This story touches on topics like the American dream, racial prejudice, and family issues. While all of these obstacles are thrown at the couple throughout the story, their romance is always the center of attention.

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