99-year-old veteran realizes dream and writes children’s book


Writing was a lifelong dream inspired by his late wife, Janet. They had been married for over 58 years, according to writer Sam Baker.

PHOENIX – Sam Baker, 99, resident of Scottsdale, has a passion for writing. At 95, he wrote his first children’s book, “The Stupid Adventures of Petunia and Herman the Worm”.

Writing was a lifelong dream inspired by his late wife, Janet. He said they had been married for over 58 years.

Baker joined the Marine Corp at age 19 in 1942, just four months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. During his time at home, he made up stories and read to his two children, Michael and Sally.

Growing up on a farm, Baker used stories from his childhood as inspiration for his books.

“When she (Sally) was two and a half years old, she made me sit on the couch, took her favorite book and read the whole book, then authoritatively closed it,” Baker laughed. “Then I realized the book was upside down.”

Recently, her story was featured in a Canva ad, the company that helped Sam publish her book.

“Kids who read are successful,” Baker said. “So if there was anything I could do to increase the reading of young children, I would have a wonderful experience.”

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