Author Monica McInerney visits Echuca with her first children’s book


After finding herself stranded in Australia in early 2020, Dublin-based author Monica McInerney visits Echuca to promote her new children’s book, Marcie Gill and the Caravan Park Cat.

Ms. McInerney will be the guest speaker at an event at Echuca’s Radcliffe’s on Wednesday, November 3, to a full house, and on Thursday, November 4 at the Little Blue Bookshop in Kerang at 7:30 p.m.

Her latest book is a children’s novel that follows the story of Marcie Gill, a 10 year old girl, and the cat who lives in the family trailer park at Snorkel Bay.

Ms McInerney said she was inspired by her 18 nieces and nephews to write Marcie Gill’s first books and that she would be inspired by them for her further adventures.

“This is my first children’s book after 21 years of writing 13 adult books, which have been published around the world,” Ms. McInerney said.

“For the past eight years I have worked secretly and lovingly on this children’s book.

“I have 18 nieces and nephews, and when they were little I would write stories for them where they played different roles, and I found that I also liked writing for children.

“One of those stories planted a seed for this story and it’s become a finished book now, finally.

“(My nieces and nephews) are all brilliant, we are a very big close family, and I am very close to my nieces and nephews.”

While readers will be familiar with Ms. McInerney’s family drama novels, she said the writing process for this new novel is no different.

“My adult novels are family dramas – big books about messy families actually – and it’s kind of a little book about messy families,” she said.

“There are a lot of things that I like to put in my adult novels, like family and friendship, and tension, and drama and comedy, but I was able to add the ingredient of magic, which was so much fun to do, because obviously I can’t do magical things in my adult novels.

These particular events will be more geared towards the parents or grandparents of Marcie Gill’s readership, but Ms. McInerney assured attendees that all young readers would be welcome.

“I like show and tell a bit, and my first job when I left school was on the TV show Here’s Humphrey, and I loved the show and tell aspect, so in my talk I will show sample manuscripts, some photographs, and I’ll also talk about my most recent adult novel, The Godmothers, and then my favorite thing, a Q&A, because I love to answer questions, ”she said.

Ms McInerney has been in Australia for almost two years now, having arrived in the country to visit family in early 2020, and found herself stranded when borders were closed.

“Almost two years ago, I went out to see my mom and had a meeting with my editor, and I was blocked by COVID – I had to be here for a month, and I’ve been here for almost two years. she said.

“Fortunately, my husband was able to go to Australia as well, but now things are opening up, we hope to return to Ireland before or after Christmas.

“Glad to come, I’ve never been to Echuca or Kerang before.

“I’m Australian and have traveled a lot, but never been there.

“It was awesome, Cindy from Collins Booksellers and Amanda from The Little Blue Bookshop reached out directly and said ‘we’ve heard you’re in Castlemaine, would you like to come over and do something? and I said I would love to.

“I am really grateful that they invited me.”

While the event at Echuca is sold out, people can purchase a copy of the book from Collins Booksellers, and owner Cindy will make sure it is signed by Ms. McInerney.

“If anyone wants to get in touch with Cindy or Amanda and give them the names of their children or grandchildren or nieces or nephews, I would be very happy to sign that for them if they can’t come to the event. “Ms. McInerney said.

“I will also leave bookmarks for all young readers.”

Marcie Gill and the Caravan Park Cat will be available from November 2.

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