Books to read like “Squid Game” that will keep you hooked from page 1


Everybody talks about it Squid game, and for good reason: it is totally impossible to stop looking. The K-thriller, which creator Hwang Dong-hyuk says was inspired by Japanese manga and cartoons, expertly combines key storyline ingredients like suspense, social commentary, and characters you don’t know about. Can’t help but research – and it’s a formula that has made millions of marathoners. all until the end. If you’re looking for more similar material once you’re done, check out these books to read as Squid game.

There are a few things that have fascinated us all by Squid game, including its extremely high stakes. Each episode of the series leaves you on the edge of your seat, wondering how the characters are going to fare – and shocked when some of them don’t, like in the brutal game Red Light, Green Light in the game. first episode. .

Those books for fans of Squid game play on the same shocking twists and turns. Whether the characters explore a quirky little town with plenty of secrets, or try to stay alive in the midst of a murderer at a prep school, these books present you with seemingly overwhelming challenges that the characters must figure out how to overcome. Add to that the feeling of a clock ticking and the dire consequences of failure, and you know your heart is going to be in your throat the entire time you read.

Thanks to Squid game‘s criticism of modern society and countless jaw-dropping twists and turns, you couldn’t help but tell Netflix that, yes, you were still watching, until you got to the end. So as soon as you are done Squid Game, fill the void with one of these exciting books that are sure to keep you awake all night long.

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Royal battle By Koushun Takami

As Squid game, this hit thriller is a thrilling journey from the opening scene to the conclusion. Royal battle takes place in a dystopian Japan where high school students are dumped on a desert island with guns, then forced to fight to the death. The battle ends when there is only one left standing.

The year of grace By Kim Liggett

Another book on exile, The year of grace follows teenage girls who are banned for a year from their 16th birthday. They are immersed in nature and forced to unleash their magic to be ready to live a docile life as wives and mothers when they to recover. Filled with thrilling suspense as the girls navigate poachers, survival and each other, this book is a must-read.

Hunger games By Suzanne Collins

It would be remiss to mention Squid game without shouting at Hunger games. Tributes from teens from each of Panem’s murderous neighborhoods are forced into an arena and fight to the death, all for the entertainment of the citizens. Deadly games, high stakes, and characters you can root for? Check, verify and verify.

All your twisted secrets By Diana Urbaine

Amber Prescott and her friends must choose one of them to die to save the others in All your twisted secrets. Classmates are invited to a scholarship dinner, only to find out that they have been locked in a room with a poison syringe and a bomb. Either they choose one of their own to die before the clock runs to zero, or they all die.

#MurderTrend By Gretchen McNeil

In the dignified marathon #MurderTrend, teenager Dee wakes up to Alcatraz 2.0, where hardened criminals go to die while people watch on an app called The Postman. Now Dee must fight her false accusations to prove her innocence before she is unjustly murdered in front of the world.

How we fall apart By Katie Zhao

When one of Sinclair Prep’s top students finds himself dead, Nancy Luo and her classmates are forced to reckon with their deepest secrets in How we fall apart. And with “The Proctor” anonymously incriminating Nancy and her friends, time is running out to find out who the real killer is before everyone loses everything.

The long walk By Stephen King

The long walk by Stephen King has all the best of Squid game, which makes it a very convincing choice. In a future dystopian America, a hundred boys are forced to participate in an annual competition where they walk at a certain speed until only one player remains standing. Do you stop or descend too often below the set speed? Instant death.

The last guest of the house By Megan Miranda

When Avery’s best friend passes away, everyone in their tight-knit community thinks she had something to do with it. The last guest of the house. This suspenseful thriller is full of weirdness as Avery begins to unravel horrific secrets and hidden motivations about his community. Time is running out to figure out what really happened the night Sadie passed away before they went after Avery as well.

Ace of Spades By Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

When Devon and Chiamaka are chosen to be the best prefects in their school, they think the school year is off to a good start. But in Ace of Spades, nothing is as it seems. Someone called “Aces” starts blackmailing them with anonymous lyrics revealing their darkest secrets. As the game takes a deadly turn, Devon and Chiamaka must stop Aces before their future collapses.

On the island of None, you have only two choices: escape within 365 days or die. When Charley wakes up in the middle of a field on the Nile, she doesn’t find anyone else until she stumbles upon the charismatic Thad, a leader of teenage refugees. Together, they discover that leaving the island is so much harder than they thought.

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