Children’s book writer Peter Kolwijk wins Golden Granger Prize


Writer Peter Kolwijk has his book josrt He received the Gouden Griffel Prize, the most important Dutch literature prize for children’s books.

The book, with illustrations by Linde Faas, chronicles the experiences of the protagonist Ties and his imaginary friend Gozert. Together they do things that are not always wise. As Ties’ parents don’t know how to treat Ties and her makeup artist pal, they decide to take her to an establishment.

According to the jury, Kolvík proves in his book that “fiction has a right to a place in reality”. devotion Instead of praising humor josrt, “With wonderfully amazing characters.”

Koolwijk, 46, has written five other children’s books in recent years. The role of the imagination in everyday reality plays a role in every book.

The author combines his writing with his work as a computer scientist in the commune of Emin, where he also lives. josrt This is the first book that Kolwijk has won Godin Greville. The book is written for children aged 9 to 12.

golden brush

The award for best children’s picture book, The Golden Brush, goes to Ludwig Volpeda. He made drawings for the book Complete Stories of a Half-SoldierWritten by Benny Lindelof.

Complete Stories of a Half-Soldier About six brothers each were drafted into the military. The two brothers have to go through a border post, where they tell stories to cross. They recount these experiences in the letters they send to the brothers who are still at home. The jury said that Vulpeda beautifully portrayed the story with “interesting graphics”.

Children’s Book Week

Prizes were awarded on the eve of Children’s Book Week. It will start tomorrow. This year’s theme is “Be What You Want”. Writer Pete Westra who received a Gouden Griffel award last year, he wrote the Children’s Book Week giveaway: “Tiril and the Magic Potion.

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