Christmas Poop Diary Storybook Brings Fun Family Tradition Into Homes This Holiday Season

The practice of finding the perfect “shit log” in nature mirrors the American tradition of finding the perfect tree. Once the “right” one is found around December 8, he is ushered into the house, adopted and accessorized by his new family with a pictorial face, felt hat and other festive clothing and strapped on to. smaller logs as “legs”. “A cozy blanket is then laid over ‘Caga Tió’ as it is affectionately known.

Every day, family members “feed” Caga Tió with fruits and nuts until December 24th. That’s when Caga Tió is hit with sticks while the family sings a matching song ask her to “poop” gifts!

After traveling to Spain several years ago and becoming fascinated by tradition, entrepreneur and first author Jonathan chastek wrote the book as a way to bring the endearing tradition to American families.

“Because tradition is rooted in nature, a tree will be planted for each purchase thanks to our partnership with APlantedTree“Says Chastek.” I really want sustainability and love for our planet to be at the forefront of our mission. ”

He continues, “I hope this fun cultural tradition will be adopted by many this season. Creating your own log, with the storybook as a guide, and reading together is a great way to bring holiday cheer and laughter. , which we all definitely need this year! ”

The tradition has been adopted by families and celebrities who appreciate its silliness and fun factor.

The Christmas Poop Diary Storybook is available on Amazon for an affordable price $ 15.95 which makes for a great gift and a fun craft idea for this year and those to come.

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