Dr Cherice Roth releases new children’s book


Dr Cherice Roth, veterinarian and children’s author, has announced the release of her first picture book, What’s a Real Doctor? While dispelling rumors about what makes a doctor, this charming story highlights the fact that women of color and other marginalized people can follow their hearts and dreams throughout their vet graduation.

What is a real doctor? challenges the belief that veterinarians and human doctors are inherently separate. Tristan, Cooper and Clara have a thoughtful discussion of each career path from a child’s perspective. Together they learn what vets actually do and how they are real doctors with extensive training on multiple species.

Dr. Roth’s work is perfect for young children under the age of 6 who are interested in animals or like to learn new things. What is a real doctor? is a great way to introduce children to the importance of schooling and discover their passions when they first enter an elementary environment.

During these formative years, books like What Is a Real Doctor? encourage readers to think critically about the future and role of STEM in society. Roth’s charming story also includes a diverse cast and performance that reflects his own lived experience.

In veterinary medicine, only 2% of these highly qualified doctors are black. Dr. Roth’s story not only challenges the assumption that vets are not “real” doctors, but it also serves as a real-life example of a person of color breaking down barriers in their field. She hopes What is a real doctor? show young readers, especially children of color, that there are opportunities ahead.

What is a real doctor? can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book is available in paper and e-book format.

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