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Bridgeport author Colleen Driscoll is hopeful the COVID-19 pandemic wears off and allows her to showcase her latest children’s book to local schools and libraries.

Released in August, “Grandma, I Need a Hug” took Driscoll about a month to write.

“It’s very similar to ‘Mum, I need a hug’ (a Driscoll book released in 2020), but I had different photos taken. I changed it in a small amount, but it is in the same room.

“I have had so many parents who told me that they thought a grandma version would be good, because nowadays so many children have their grandparents to watch them and sometimes children live with it. their grandparents. So I decided to make a sister version of the book for anyone who lines them up at night, ”Driscoll said.

“With COVID-19, it’s really hard to get started. I’m still available for author visits, but with COVID-19 this year, I’m not sure if any schools will offer them, ”she said.

“Mom I need a hug” was only released after COVID-19 last year, “so unfortunately it didn’t really have a chance to debut,” she said. declared.

Before COVID-19, Driscoll read to students in Harrison and Marion counties, as well as North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania. She had the opportunity to meet and greet young readers at this year’s Preston County Buckwheat Festival.

Driscoll is now focusing on the sequel to his adult romance / thriller trilogy “Euphoria”, released as C. Becker, which is Driscoll’s maiden name. The first novel in the trilogy, “Finding Euphoria,” was released in 2019, and she hopes to release the second novel this spring via Wild Rose Press.

“I also worked on an adult novel which takes a lot of my time. The first book took about six years, so I was really happy when it was published, ”Driscoll said.

She added that “Finding Euphoria” is about a woman who gave her child up for adoption and is now trying to save her life after trying drugs and is dying.

The second novel will have the same characters, but in the first book the drug used was made from leaves and euphoria bark, while the second book uses the roots of the plant, she said.

The second novel is on another publishing cycle, so Driscoll said it was difficult to determine its release date.

Driscoll has also sought advice on his adult novels through a group of writers since 2016. The group met at Panera Bread on Emily Drive in Bridgeport until the COVID-19 pandemic required it. meetings to continue twice a month via Zoom.

After moving to Fairmont from New York, Pepper Hedden has been with the group for three years. Hedden is working on creative non-fiction, as well as a movement guide for seniors.

Hedden bought children’s books from Driscoll for her 3 and 6 year old granddaughters.

“These are delicious stories,” Hedden said. “(Driscoll) has a knack for reading to children and making up informative and joyful stories for them.”

Fairmont’s Gene Turchin has published adult science fiction and horror and has worked on a time travel novel for the past four years.

“I’ve been in a few writing groups at different times, and this one is absolutely the most productive and useful,” he said. “We have grown up together over the past five years and have really learned to help each other.

“There is a lot of science in discovering Colleen’s euphoria, it’s a turning point. The second book is even better and has a good plot.

Naomi Brown, who is taking graduate classes while being homeschooled in Flemington, illustrated Driscoll’s last three children’s books. “Grandma, I need a hug,” took Brown less than six months to illustrate.

“I started out as a writer, and that led to me starting to illustrate my own stories. I started drawing seriously in college and have several projects going on, ”Brown said. “It’s very easy to work with Colleen. She left a lot of creative freedom on the characters and the appearance of the pages. “

Driscoll met Brown while working at another local church almost ten years ago.

“Naomi is a talented artist who I really enjoy working with. Watching her draw and seeing the details she puts in her illustrations makes me appreciate her skills even more. Its portfolio is quite extensive, ”Driscoll said. “She is so talented. I know Naomi will be successful in her career, and I imagine she will someday work for Disney or some other big movie producer.

Brown, who admires the work of English illustrator Arthur Rackham and modern comic artist Mike Mignola, hopes to attend Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.

Having written it since January, Driscoll also already has more than half of the final trilogy novel in draft form and plans to introduce new research themes. Driscoll was a former laboratory scientist in a Pennsylvania hospital lab.

“I have to make sure everything is going to make sense,” she said.

Driscoll has now written 10 children’s books and the adult novel. She balances writing with conducting the Bridgeport Presbyterian Church choir and spends time with her husband Paul, two grown sons and two grown daughters (with whom she loved to read). She also gave her children copies of the self-published children’s books to read to their children someday.

Nancy Hall in Shinnston is part of Driscoll’s adult choir and enjoys writing historical fiction.

“Colleen was very encouraging with my writing. I was writing sci-fi and stumbled across writer’s block, but Colleen kept cheering me on, ”Hall said.

Hall pre-ordered “Find the Euphoria” and read it electronically overnight. She also plans to pre-order the rest of the trilogy as soon as they become available.

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