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November is National American Indian Heritage Month, a month to honor Native American ancestry, traditions and contributions to the history of the nation.

This year’s theme is “Grounded in Tradition, Resilient in Spirit”. The NAIHM is also an opportune time to educate the general public about tribes, educate the general public on the unique challenges that indigenous peoples have faced historically and in the present, and how tribal citizens have worked to overcome these challenges.

“We celebrate NAIHM because we should. Every region of this nation was ancestral homelands of the Native Americans and we must honor that, the generations that have followed and the many who served in our army, ”said Krisryan Borsil, 412 Force Support Squadron, responsible for the positive employment program (AEP). .

Borsil explained the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, and of celebrating the cultures and traditions of Native Americans, as well as the brothers and sisters in arms of Native American heritage, their families and ancestors.

“This is important because we, as a nation, must honor these great contributions because we are a team, a military family, and we celebrate our diversity which makes us the most elite fighting force in the world.” , said Borsil.

The AEP has organized numerous events to support the NAIHM on Edwards Air Force Base. One of them was a book reading by archaeologists from the base at the library. They also presented Native American artifacts from the area to Edwards staff at the Base Exchange.

“The first Native Americans to enter Antelope Valley faced a dramatically different landscape than what we see in the area today,” said Jeffrey L. Baker, base archaeologist. “Much of Edwards Air Force Base was covered by a large lake, known as Lake Thompson, which stretched south to the vicinity of Lancaster and extended west of Rosamond.”

To end the month, the AEP will host a screening of the 2002 film “Windtalkers”, a film about Navajo code speakers during World War II at the base theater on November 30 at 11:30 am.

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