Eight books to add to your fall reading list


Nothing says fall is here like warming up with a fluffy blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and an exciting new book. Whether you want something that will expand your knowledge, escape you into a fictional world, or teach you about the real life of a real person, we have some great suggestions for your fall reading list.

Jean Hanff Korelitz’s plot

Available now

This gripping novel is one of those books to keep on reading all night long. The story follows Jacob Finch Bonner, a once promising young novelist turned MFA professor, who publishes a student’s work under his name after the student’s death. But then Jacob’s secrets start to catch up with him and someone – but who? – threatens to expose it. Will Jacob be able to follow his lies? Who exactly was this student of his? And who is trying to reveal the truth? Jean Hanff Korelitz keeps readers on their toes and ready to move on to the next page.

Misfits by Michaela Coel

Available now

In case her Emmy win for Outstanding Writing wasn’t enough to convince you that Michaela Coel is a talented writer, maybe Unsuitable will. The creator and star of I can destroy you and Chewing gum wrote a beautifully written story about the ups and downs of trying to stand out. “By accepting our differences, she says, we can transform our lives. Unsuitable is an honest account that encourages all of us to be “misfits” ourselves.

Live No Lies: Recognize and resist the TThree enemies that sabotage your peace by John Marc Comer

Available now

In our daily lives, explains John Mark Comer, we face three major enemies: the devil, the flesh and the world. In Live without lies, Comer identifies each of these enemies and the role they play in our lives, and how we can overcome them. You can learn to find and maintain true peace by identifying lies and replacing them with the truth.

He spoke with the RELEVANT podcast about his book ahead of its launch, which you can listen to. here.

Body Wisdom: Finding Healing, Wholeness, and Connection Through A Life Embodied By Hillary McBride

Available October 12

Hillary McBride, award-winning psychologist and researcher, explores the broken and unhealthy ideas we have about our bodies in The wisdom of the body. In this book, McBride expertly explains how various systems of influence in our world shape the way we see ourselves and our bodies. She combines a personal story with years of research to provide practice and advice on how we can view our bodies in a holistic and healthy state of mind. “Instead of the body being a problem to overcome, our body can be the very place where we feel most alive, the seat of our spirituality and wisdom.

Divine Disturbance: Holding On To Faith When Life Breaks Your Heart by Tony Evans, Chrystal Evans Hurst, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony Evans, Jonathan Evans

Available November 9

Dr Tony Evans is joined by his four children – Chrystal, Priscilla, Anthony and Jonathan – in their first book together as a family. Divine disturbance explores the various trials we all experience in life and how God can come through with the power of hope. In the book, the Evans family discusses their faith-shattering experiences, from grief over losing six loved ones in less than two years, including the family matriarch, to an exploration of handling the various curved balls. difficult and unexpected. It’s a timely message that everyone can find a way to relate to.

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My body by Emily Ratajkowski

Available November 9

Emily Ratajkowski, model, actress, entrepreneur and now writer, gets deeply vulnerable and honest about what it means to be a woman and a commodity in My body. The essays explore moments in Ratajkowski’s life while investigating the fetishization of girl culture and female beauty, her obsession and disregard for female sexuality, the perverse dynamics of the fashion and film industries, and the gray area between consent and abuse. Ratajkowski’s experience in her career and personal life makes her an excellent choice to provide insight into the subject of the commodification of women in our culture.

I wish you were there by Jodi Picoult

Available November 30

Jodi Picoult is an accomplished author of 27 bestselling books. Of The Book of Two Ways To Small big things, Picoult knows how to turn a bleak situation into a hopeful experience.

In Wish you were Here, Diana O’Toole’s life was derailed when her trip to Galapagos quickly derailed. She finds herself isolated and out of her comfort zone, slowly uncovering the truth about her relationships, her choices, and herself. Picoult weaves humor and wit with moments of truth and vulnerability in his latest novel.

Call us what we carry by Amanda Gorman

Available December 7

Presidential inaugural poet and New York Times Best-selling author Amanda Gorman has a sense of words. In Call us what we transport, Gorman explores this chaotic moment in time and transforms it into a melodic poem of hope and healing. She leaves no stone unturned in her poems, exploring history, language, identity, grief and erasure to reflect on our past and be a voice of hope for the future.

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