Explore Authors Magazine Releases List of New Books to Read This Fall


Thirty dollars and cut eye by J Russell Peltz

Championship Rounds Vol.  I by Bernard Fernandez

Championship Rounds Vol. I by Bernard Fernandez

Roxanne the Green Nosed Reindeer by Jason R. Van Pelt

Roxanne the Green Nosed Reindeer by Jason R. Van Pelt

Relax with a warm blanket and a hot cup of java for Explore Authors magazine’s list of hot new books to read this fall (2021).

Snuggle up with a book from our recommended list of amazing books to read this fall.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – The following books are available in paperback and eBook format from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers around the world.

Illustrious boxing promoter and Boxing Hall of Fame member J Russell Peltz releases his long-awaited book, Thirty Dollars and a Cut Eye, offering a sublime inside look at 50 years of boxing. The famous boxing promoter spares no details about legendary boxers, historic matches and sets the record straight on the industry in his recently published memoirs. J Russell Peltz is the penultimate boxing historian. Thirty dollars and a cut eye are available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers around the world. BennieBriscoe 978-1737569602

Renowned sports journalist and 2020 International Boxing Hall of Fame member Bernard Fernandez covers 35 years of boxing in the forthcoming book, Championship Rounds Vol. II, an exceptional and insightful follow-up to Championship Rounds Vol. I, published by a renowned sports journalist and boxing historian in 2020. RKMA Publishing, 978-0578687308 is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and at fine retailers around the world. Look for Flight II in November 2021.

Rename Rémy Jackie Campbell’s Reilly follows an ambitious young upstart who offers her nothing but desserts at work and in love in this fun romance. Rebranding Remy Reilly follows Campbell’s previous book Alicia Darwin Sort’s it Out. Ellendale Road Publishing, 978-0578868714 and Alicia Darwin trie, 978-0578617213

Emerging from retirement, hardened FBI detective Andrew O’Neil has been called upon to investigate the disappearance of four girls in a small town in the thrilling and suspenseful mystery, The Daughters of Webber. A fascinating and rhythmic reading. We highly recommend. Little One Publishing, 978-1-7374582-0-3

BL Blocher’s action-packed WWII series The Watchmaker follows a Jewish family as they take up arms and fight the Nazis in this suspenseful, action-packed historical thriller. Watchmaker 2 follows the family to New York where they are drawn into a world of intrigue when a mysterious alien arrives in search of one of the notorious monsters behind the Nazi camp at Auschwitz. Captivating and suspenseful historical action that will keep your eyes riveted on every page. Emerald City Press 978-1-7374610-0-5 and 978-0-578-65204-7

In Ian O’Brien’s I, Vampire, a beautiful young woman learns what it is like to be a vampire when she meets a vicious but intelligent vampire in this erotic horror fiction tinged with politics. Wolverine Press: 978-1-73749200-9

What, Why, and How: Bottom-Up Answers by Mountaineer and Philosopher Robert Wheeler, Ph.D explores philosophical and metaphysical questions about existence and humanity in this fascinating review that attempts to answer questions about the existence of the life, a follow-up to Wheeler’s previous book, Call of the Mountain. Intriguing! OntosScience Press, 978-0-578-94516-3

TM Rice’s The General’s Daughter (2021) is the sequel to Rice’s fast-paced 2020 action thriller The Chemist: The Adventures of The Gray Rider. This one is as action packed and thrilling as the first one. We see a movie in the future for this series. We highly recommend this exciting new book! Stories from Terry’s Garage: 978-1734704914

The Redcap: A Sam McKay Novel is one of our favorite books. This tense crime thriller by KM Hardy will keep your eyes riveted on every page. A brilliant follow-up to the first book in the Sam McKay series, SCOTS HONOR. We are captivated! Press Picaty, 978-1736734605

Prolific songwriter and accomplished writer Edward Kenny releases his new book, “Bluebird Songs VOL II“, the sequel to Bluebird Songs VOL I and” Lonesome Man on a Hermit’s Hill: A Verse Play. “Kenny has written over a thousand song lyrics and eight musicals since entering the Broadway stage in 1982. Bluebird Publishing, 978-578806457

Until The Day I Die by George Wood tells the story of a former orphan who inherits a million dollar fortune from his adoptive father’s estate. He promises to provide for the needs of those close to him, including his adopted sister who dreams of a career in Hollywood, while being secretly married and posing as his brother. An exciting and mind-boggling story with twists and turns. COMING SEPTEMBER 2021 Barberry Books, 978-0-578-94045-8

Tackle this way for a break from the fiction. Nugae Venales or “Jokes For Sale” in English: Humor, Brief Essays, and Short Poems by EC Walsh are the witty reflections and clever ideas of the author about society, politics and life in this intelligent view and intellectual of the past year. We love this book! Dignam Press, 978-0578926483

Suzanne Locascio’s highly anticipated debut novel, Angelina escapes to Mackinac Island is a must read. Locascio’s action-packed thriller takes place during the French Revolution amid royal intrigue, danger, and a daring escape to the island of Mackinac from the beloved France of Angelina Savoy! via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and good retailers everywhere B. Nelson Press, 978-1-7370015-0-8

There are a number of books to choose from by prolific author JB Millhollin, including the fourth novel in his exciting book series, To Hide from a Northern Wind: River of Tears. Check out the entire To Hide from a Northern Wind series and other JB Millhollin novels today. Gray Place Books, 978-1-7358745-5-5

Was Shakespeare an anti-Semite? This age-old question has haunted the author for centuries. Author Stephen Byk offers this critical analysis of the work of the world’s most famous playwright in Vindicating Shakespeare: A Theater Director’s Study of The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. LS&G Publishing, 978-0578871363


Jason R. Van Pelt is releasing his fourth children’s book, Roxanne the Green Nose Reindeer, coming soon September 2021! Younger readers will love Van Pelt’s holiday book series which also includes Party Monsters (a Mardi Gras story), Candy Monsters (a Halloween children’s book), and Christmas Coupling. Add the entire Van Pelt series to your collection today. JRVP, 978-1-7371572-9-8

My grandma says Jennifer Neven’s F-Word is available on Amazon with a planned second edition of this hilarious and adorable children’s book and sweet family story. We like it. JULY 2021 | Glossy Books, 978-1-7375130-0-1

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