Great Totham: the author publishes his first children’s book


AN Essex-based author is launching her first children’s book published next week.

Sam Scott has been a writer on and off for about 14 years.

However, she hadn’t written any children’s books until the idea came to her two years ago.

After meeting a young girl suffering from a rare disease, Sam was inspired.

In her writings, she aims to encourage learning through fiction combined with real-life subjects, people and places.

This led to the creation of her new book, Sophie Spirit and the Batting Manor Mystery.

The book, inspired by the young girl Sam met, is about a deaf girl with a rare disease.

The main character, Sophie meets three spirits with whom she befriends and helps fight the forces of evil working against them.

Sam signed a three book contract with Stanhope Books, this is the first installment of the series.

She said she might reveal Sophie’s rare health condition at the end of the trilogy, but for now, that will remain a mystery.

The first book is published next week, with a book launch celebrating the occasion at the Prince of Wales pub in Great Totham.

Sam also has a special surprise in store for guests at the launch on Saturday August 14.

For more information on Sam and where to find his new book, visit GoodReads.

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