Langford’s dad partners with daughter to publish fun children’s book Tooth Mouth Fang Beak

An author from Langford and his daughter have teamed up to publish a fun new book for kids and their parents.

David Bradshaw, 74, and his daughter Lisa Johnson, 49, have created “Tooth Mouth Fang Beak,” which features a set of funny poems from the animal kingdom.

Believe it or not, David started writing about 40 years ago, when he wrote the plays during the quiet times at work.

David and Lisa at the book signing.

However, four decades later, father and daughter joined forces to bring his poems to a wider audience, with talented artist Lisa providing the illustrations.

David said: “Animals are often anthropomorphized in children’s books.

“Then came the idea to go further in the process by illustrating various animals with medical problems that affect humans. Who has heard of a pig with halitosis or a snake that has lost a fang? “

In ‘Tooth Mouth Croc MouthYoung people will meet a waving character with dental problems, a pig farm animal with bad breath, a lion that has lost its teeth, and a parrot that won’t let anyone look into its mouth.

There is even a story about a rat with compassion!

David said: “The five animals featured in the book all tell a story, with a happy ending like all children’s books should have. The characters come to life thanks to the amazing artwork, especially since some animals are old but still portrayed with sensitivity and humor.

“It was nice to have a project with my daughter. We get along extremely well.”

David was born in Stamford in 1947, but his family moved to the countryside when he was 11.

He spent his professional life in financial services and then moved to the village of Langford.

He laughed: “I started to write [at work] because at the time there were jobs where you didn’t have enough to do!

“The idea started because I thought animals must have medical issues too, just like they affect humans in different ways.

“My daughter was getting old enough to do the pictures – originally the first ones were the size of a poster.”

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the book took David and Lisa 18 months – with all the images redrawn and fitted around the verses on the pages.

The father and daughter held a book signing to celebrate the launch, which took place at Lisa’s business “The Place” in Stamford.

The Place is a craft and community center (which Lisa owns and runs in partnership with a friend) while she is also a busy mother, home schooling her young daughter.

Tooth Mouth Fang Beak, from Austin Macauley Publishers, is available for purchase online at stores like Amazon, WHSmith, and Blackwell’s.

It is recommended for children aged three to five.

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