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A local author has written a series of children’s books which are now available to the public.

Stacey Mollus started the project called “Mimi’s Loves” in 2017 when her grandson was sad because his family was moving.

“He asked me, ‘But what if I miss you, Mimi?’ and this question broke my heart, ”Mollus said.

Wanting to send him away with a promise to “never let him go”, Mollus sat down and began to write a book for him and him alone. But the project turned into a children’s book called “But what if I missed you?” about the extremes a grandma would go to so she could see her boyfriend.

After this success, Mollus began to feel the pressure of her other five grandchildren to make a book “just for them”, so she embarked on a journey to write one for each child, specifically targeting them. as well as their personalities.

“What do you see when you see me?” Is for her eldest granddaughter.

“Having special needs, in a wheelchair and non-verbal, I wrote this person in first person, so they could ‘explain’ to others how beautiful the difference always is,” Mollus said. The pages have extra-large type and images to make it easier for children with sight problems, and it’s a great conversation starter to help kids better understand friends around them who have physical limitations. .

“Best Friend Found” is a book with brightly colored illustrations about a little girl and her dog who embarked on an adventure to find “a new best friend” after being convinced that the glittering rock they found in the backyard was left there by a Unicorn.

“This book is full of glitter, adventure and laughter, just like granddaughter number three, for whom the book was written,” Mollus said.

Mollus’ last book came out in October. “The neighborhood thief” is her first mystery, written at the behest of her number two granddaughter. This book is about a little girl whose sweater is missing, and she has no doubt that with her detective work, she can find the culprit.

Volume 5 comes out just before Christmas. Keep an eye out for “Tiny Piggy Goes to School”.

“This book is about my youngest granddaughter who took her stuffed pig to school for emotional support on the first day of school, and how the cute pig loved it!” said Mollus. “This one contains some of the cutest images I’ve drawn and gives the reader a darling perspective of a stuffed animal.”

A sixth book will be available in the spring.

“I wrote these books with my heart. The images are hand drawn, which adds to their charm and warmth, ”Mollus said. “I hope families read the books together, spark conversations, and everyone feel warm and confused when they’re done. It was truly a labor of love, and I want readers to feel that love.

All books are available on Amazon. Readers can send questions and comments about Mollus to [email protected] and find her on Instagram and Facebook at Stacey Mollus.

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