“Moms for Liberty” group calls on schools to ban books with “sexy” images of seahorses


The Daily Beast reported on Friday that a far-right group in Williamson County, Tennessee, was asking schools to censor a number of books and topics, including an unusual request for images of marine life .

“By registering their website in late 2020, the ‘Moms For Liberty’ group is one of a series of conservative education groups that have sprung up in the wake of the racial justice protests of 2020,” Kelly Weill reported. “The group is currently embroiled in battles against school mask warrants, as well as a particularly heated battle for textbooks in Williamson County, Tennessee.”

Among their demands are that lessons on Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ruby Bridges be cut for division, lessons on the crackdown on civil rights be cut for “negative views on firefighters and police” and lessons on Galileo be revised to be too anti-. church. Johnny Appleseed’s story has also been condemned as “sad and gloomy,” Greek and Roman mythology for depicting the naked goddess Venus, and textbooks explaining the effects of hurricanes as being too severe for first graders.

But one of the group’s weirdest crusades is against a children’s picture book about seahorses, which they think, according to Weill, “too sexy.”

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The Williamson County Chapter of the MFL is also challenging a seahorse picture book, in part because it depicts “mated seahorses with pictures of postions. [sic] and a discussion of the male carrying the eggs, ”the report said. “The Daily Beast reviewed the text in question via a children’s storytime YouTube channel. Readers looking for a Kama Sutra seahorse sex will be disappointed. Seahorse: the most timid fish in the sea contains nothing riskier than watercolor illustrations of two seahorses holding tails or touching bellies (never – heavens – at the same time). “

It comes as right-wing activists across the country seek to eliminate the teaching of “critical race theory” in public schools – an advanced theory of systemic racism that is rarely, if ever, taught in public schools for the sake of it. to start. Often, activists instead turn to people who even teach racism in all its forms, or even just black educators.

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