New Family Activity Trail based on popular children’s book launch at Cannock Chase

The new Superworm trail at Cannock Chase. Photo: Forestry England

The New Superworm Trail follows the premiere of Magic Light Pictures’ animated special, which aired on BBC One on Christmas Day.

In the latest partnership between Forestry England and Magic Light Pictures, the Superworm Trail features the unsung heroes of the forest.

Based on the children’s picture book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, the trail highlights small but powerful creatures from Superworm’s story, such as the toad, beetle, and wizarding lizard, and shows their incredible abilities as they settle into the forest.

The Cannock Chase Self-Guided Forest Trail will provide fun activities and encourage kids to become forest superheroes themselves.

Families will discover brilliantly illustrated panels filled with activities designed to get kids thinking about these unsung heroes.

The questions along the trail will get children to think about the heroic daily exploits of the woodland beasts and the forests that surround them.

The new Superworm trail at Cannock Chase. Photo: Forestry England

The trail should entertain young people for about an hour, giving them plenty of time to have fun and explore the forest.

Special Superworm Trail Packs are available for purchase on site from the Park Cafe, Go Ape or Visitor Welcome Point for £ 3.50 with additional activities including stickers, super mask heroes, creature fact sheets, home activity sheet, pencil and pencil.

Gary Kelsey, spokesperson for Forestry England, said: “This is such a fun journey that gives children the chance to become a forest hero, just like the much loved and heroic creatures in Superworm history.

“You will learn about our mini animals and the important tasks they do for the country’s forests. It’s the perfect winter day. “

Alex Sanson, Brand Manager at Magic Light, said: “The Forestry England sites are the perfect home for Superworm and all of his friends.

“These trails provide a great opportunity for young explorers to experience all of the heroic feats worms and other minibeasts perform.”

The Superworm Trail can be found in 26 of the country’s forests and launch dates differ.

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