Opelika City Council approves rezoning of subdivision across from Storybook Farm | Local News

Braxton Miller, a resident of Opelika, spoke in favor of the order to rezone and build the neighborhood and said it would be a “definitive victory” for the city.

“The only problem I’ve heard about this project is that the development will cause confusion, which will impact horses and children,” Miller said.

Miller gave the example of an equestrian competition that brought together hundreds of enthusiastic spectators and not a single horse became anxious or restless.

“A friend of mine, a retired medical school professor, told me that horses don’t get scared as easily as most people think, and that in a short time they do. adapt quickly to repeated distractions and confusions.

Miller believes that this neighborhood will not only benefit the city’s income and create more jobs, but he also said it will attract more families to Storybook Farm as well.

“The estimated property taxes alone would amount to almost a quarter of a million dollars a year,” Miller said. “When completed, the value of the 242 homes would be over $ 70 million, not to mention that those 242 families will be buying groceries, gasoline, utilities, home insurance and everything a family has to offer. Would need.”

Susan Haynes, the former owner of the land, said when her daughter moved to Opelika she and her family struggled to find a home.

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