Quad-City man and his grandson come up with idea for children’s book during COVID pandemic | Local News


Mitch Swanson and his grandson Oliver Isaacson, 6, present their new children’s book, The Excellent Adventures of Billy Bob and the Giraffe, published by Covenant Books.

Thomas geyer

In March 2020, when schools and non-essential businesses started closing across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mitchell Swanson took the opportunity to spend so much quality time with his grandson. 5-year-old Oliver Isaacson that he could.

Swanson, 60, of Lynn Center, Ill., Would sit her grandson in her lap and they would imagine new stories every day.

Swason’s daughter, Lauren Isaacson, a mental health therapist, listened to what they were doing and told her father that what they were doing would make a good book for parents to interact with their children.

From this suggestion was born “The Excellent Adventures of Billy Bob and the Giraffe”, published by Covenant Books.

“This book is just an addition to the conversation, making it easier for you to communicate with your grandson or granddaughter between the ages of 4 and 6,” Swanson said. “What we do is just tell a story. Every day you go out and it’s life to pretend and you make up a new story with what’s going on in the picture.

So many people seem to be glued to electronic devices these days, he said.

“Even the little people are glued to an electronic device,” Swanson said. “What Oliver and I did during the COVID summer, when we were all pretty much locked up, we used to sit outside under the tree, and he has his friend Giraffe. Obviously Oliver is Billy Bob in the book, and Billy Bob and Giraffe go on an adventure every day, and they discover new things every day, and the way you react to those new things every day can be. story, which can change every day. daytime.


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