Readers Respond: Books to Read During Covid-19 Quarantine, Check Out


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Reading books can relieve you of various types of stress and tension. In this coronavirus pandemic situation, many people are in quarantine and few lucky people are working from home safely. It is also an opportunity in this forties to read books. There are many books available, but few books will help you look inside, teach yourself leadership, or just make you laugh. Since everyone is in quarantine, many of us have plenty of time to read books and here we are looking at some books to read during the Covid-19 quarantine.

* So you want to talk about race:

Ijeoma Oluo.

Considering the prejudices and the fundamental imbalance, America challenges. This book examines everything from ruthless police to mass detention. It also delves into the way you approach difficult conversations around the breed. This is an honest conversation about race and the impact racism has on all aspects of American life.

* The Splendid And The Vil:

Eric Larson.

In this global pandemic, strong and capable international leadership is absent. This book is about Winston Churchill’s darkest hour as Prime Minister. The author does not only detail his exploits of war and his political risks, as well as the anxieties and tragedies of his family. This book is a must read in this quarantine situation.

* Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage Of Mourning.

David Kessler.

This book deals with grief and its stages. The author here tries to say that the five stages of mourning are not sufficient and introduces the sixth stage. He shares his wisdom, understanding, and strategies to help those experiencing loss during this anxious and unusual time.

* Wow, no thanks:

Samantha Irby.

In this difficult and midlife situation, laughter is very important to get out of various types of stress. This book gives you the same and the author feeds our soul in this collection of essays, in this book. This book will give really good experience while reading this book during this quarantine.

These are some must-read books to read during Covid-19 quarantine. If you are looking for books that will make you laugh and help you look inside and about a few other things like racism and its impact on society, these few books along with many other books available that you must read.

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