Spooky October books for all ages


Happy October! To get you ready for Halloween, here are six spooky new books to read! All can be viewed at the Magdalena Public Library.

Barely haunted by Jessie Sima (elementary / preschool)

“The house has a problem. At least, she thinks so. Its hinges creak. And its floors creak. And when the wind howls, its shutters slam, slam, slam. Could she be… haunted?

This lovely brand new picture book is perfect for bedtime read aloud. The illustrations are soft and richly colored. Funny sound words move with you across the page, bringing the story to life.

The non-drowned by KR Alexander (middle)

“Former best friends Samantha and Rachel are fighting by a lake. Samantha pushed Rachel into the water. No way to save her. No way she’s alive. But the next day, Rachel shows up at the water. school because nothing happened, now she wants to make Samantha’s life a living nightmare.

If you liked The collector Where The fear zone, you will love this new track from KR Alexander. A page turner full of suspense, you will not be able to let go. Filled with vivid imagery and crisp prose to make your heart beat with every line.

The ghoul next door by Cullen Bunn and Cat Farris (middle)

“When left with strange and horrific gifts, 11-year-old Gray discovers Lavinia, a ghoul, a death eater! Their unlikely friendship shatters traditions and the punishment is a fate worse than death.

This graphic novel is perfect for college. Amazing and vivid watercolor images with expressive lines bring the characters to life. The story is a great mix of humor and horror which is more creepy than frightening.

The cousins by Karen M. McManus (Ados / JA)

“Receiving invitations from their ex-grandmother, three cousins ​​go to her island resort for the summer. But when they get there, all is not as it seems. What separated their family years ago is not over and this summer they will learn everything. If they can survive the season.

Although it takes place during the summer, this mysterious thriller is perfect for the Halloween season. Shifting perspectives, jaw-dropping twists and an ending that will make you want more. It’s a story worth reading all night long.

The forbidden by Heather Graham (Adult)

“When a real corpse is discovered on a film set, actress Avalon Morgan finds evidence on the dark web. When he disappears, no one believes her except FBI Agent Finley Stirling. Having no one to trust, they are determined to uncover the truth at all costs. But that might be the last thing they do.

If you are looking for a bit of romance with your scares and more suspense than outright terror, this is a great choice for you. With an emphasis on intrigue and setting, Graham takes you right into the heart of the action in lush and spellbinding New Orleans.

Billy Summers by Stephen King (Adult)

“Billy Summers is a killer for hire and the best in the business. And now Billy wants out. But first, there is one final blow. Billy is one of the best snipers in the world, a decorated Iraq war veteran, a Houdini when it comes to disappearing after the job is done. So what could possibly go wrong? What about everything.

Of course, I had to include the master of horror, Stephen King, on this list. His latest novel is another worthy page turner, filled with “Most Vile Murder and Most Entertaining Chaos”. -Kirkus notice.

We also have several other Stephen King books in the library, including Pet Sematary, ranked as the scariest horror novel ever directed by Barnes & Noble and Buzzfeed.

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