The 10 Best Luke Cage Stories From The Comics


Luke Cage has had a good turn since his Marvel Comics debut in 1972. Created by Archie Goodwin, John Romita Sr. and George Tuska, Luke started out as a tough street kid sent to jail for a crime he didn’t. has never committed. He was given superpowers through immoral experiments in prison and escaped to become a superhero.

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Since that time he has gone from a hero who only helped people who could pay him to a true hero who became a member of the Avengers. He also became a husband, father and best friend, and went from arrogant Power Man to an honorable Luke Cage, someone who would always do the right thing when the chips fell.

ten Luke Cage, Hero For Hire # 1 – The Origin of Luke Cage

Luke Cage in action on the cover of his first issue.

The first time Luke Cage appeared was in the comics, Luke Cage, hero for hire # 1. This is the number that revealed Luke Cage’s origin story. He was once a teenager who wanted to be a criminal but then decided to leave the life of crime behind.

However, an old friend tricked him and he went to jail and soon Luke Cage became the bulletproof-skinned superhero, a fact about Luke Cage’s body that fans remember. This is an important book to read to learn where Luke came from and why he ended up becoming the hero he would become over the years.

9 Avengers Origin: Luke Cage – Stepping into Cage’s Past

Luke Cage chained in his original story number.

In Luke Cage’s original origin, he mostly hovered over his past and jumped straight into his wrongful incarceration. 2011 Avengers Origin: Luke Cage focuses on his entire past, from his childhood. This is where fans learn that Cage wanted to be a criminal as a teenager, but then grew into a better person.

It also showed how close he and Willis Stryker were until a girl stepped in between them and prompted Stryker to set Cage up and send him to jail. The book also has a fantastic epilogue that shows why it was important to update its origin story for a new generation.

8 Luke Cage, Hero for Hire # 9 – Luke Cage vs. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom hires Luke Cage for a job.

Luke Cage has grown into a superhero over the years who can stand up to anyone and can win a fight against the toughest of villains. He proved it very early on as well when he fought Doctor Doom in Latveria. Cage asked Doctor Doom to stop some Doombots posing as humans.

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When Doctor Doom left without paying him, Luke Cage went to Latveria to collect his money. This book is excellent, showing Cage facing off against one of Marvel’s most powerful villains. It was also hilarious because Cage did it just to get $ 200 from Doctor Doom.

7 Fantastic Four # 168 – Luke Cage joins the Fantastic Four

Luke Cage joins the Fantastic Four.

There were many powerful members of the Fantastic Four and Luke Cage was even a member – for a very short time. In this case, Ben Grimm finally got his wish and became a human again. No longer The Thing, the Fantastic Four needed a new muscular man, so Reed Richards hired Luke Cage.

It didn’t last long. While Luke was doing this for a paycheck, Alicia Masters’ dad, Puppet Master, took control of Luke and turned him against the Fantastic Four. Ben got a new exo-costume and helped beat Cage, which ended his time with the team.

6 Power Man and Iron Fist # 50 – Best Friends Join Forces

Power Man and Iron Fist take action in their debut issue.

Outside of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage’s closest friend is Danny Rand, the superhero known as Iron Fist. The two are so close that Luke even named his daughter Danielle. The duo had a long-running comic in Power Man and Iron Fist, which started with number 50, replacing the previous one titled Luke Cage: Hero for Hire.

This was also an important question as this was where Luke Cage was finally cleared of all his crimes and was now able to openly operate as a hero. This is where Heroes for Hire was born.

5 Power Man and Iron Fist # 125 – The End of Power Man

Luke Cage and Iron Fist face off against Captain Hero.

In 1986, Marvel did something shocking. Power Man and Iron Fist # 125 was the final issue in the series and eliminated both men from the active Marvel Comics Universe. In this issue, a boy became a character known as Captain Hero, then killed Iron Fist before disappearing.

Luke Cage finds himself on the run when accused of killing Danny. It would be a historic moment as Luke was gone from Marvel Comics for three years and Iron Fist was gone even longer. When Luke finally returned, Marvel updated his look, ditching the yellow suit and chains, so it was the end of an era.

4 Alias ​​# 1 – Meet Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones curled up on the cover of Alias ​​No 1.

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’s relationship is one of the best in all comics, a husband and wife with a young child who lives and fights together. They first met when Luke and Iron Fist were still teaming up, but that was only said in flashback years later. Their first comic book appearance together was in A.k.a # 1.

This was Jessica Jones’ first appearance, although it was also written in Marvel’s past events through flashbacks. In it, Luke quit his superhero job and opened a bar where he got to know Jessica better. They clung to this specific problem and that would hint at things to come.

3 New Avengers # 22 – Luke Cage takes a stand

Luke Cage refuses to sign the Superhero Registration Act.

Luke Cage always knew the government and the law were never going to give him a real break. As a member of the New Avengers, he ultimately defended himself and he did so against Iron Man and Captain Marvel. In this book, the two heroes came and demanded that Luke and Jessica Jones sign the Superhero Registration Act.

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It was one of Luke’s biggest stories because he stood up for himself and his family. He sent Jessica and her daughter to Canada for their safety and when SHIELD sent soldiers after him, he fought back and joined Captain America’s resistance. This is where Luke Cage became a major player in Marvel Comics.

2 Love at first sight # 144-168

Luke Cage leading the Thunderbolts.

With Luke Cage as an important member of The Avengers, it’s often forgotten how great his role with the Thunderbolts was. His time there lasted almost two years and he did a lot to transform this team into a legitimate combat unit. It was primarily Marvel’s version of The Suicide Squad at this point, but it worked.

Cage was hired by Steve Rogers to lead the Thunderbolts, and his job was to take the supervillains who were in jail and try to rehabilitate them as heroes and lead them to action. With Cage’s own past as a man eager to redeem himself, he was a perfect leader and the series had an eclectic group of anti-heroes to mix up.

1 Luke Cage: Black # 1-4 – Luke Cage goes dark

Luke Cage in a hat on the cover of Luke Cage Noir.

Luke Cage: Black is something completely different. In this miniseries, Marvel wrote what boils down to an Elseworlds series about Cage that places him in the Prohibition Age as a similar character. Much like his main origin, Cage had a friend named Willis Stryker who he visited upon his release from prison.

Cage then becomes a detective and begins investigating the death of his girlfriend while in prison while also being hired to find out who killed a rich man’s wife. Anyone who knows Cage and Stryker’s relationship knows where it’s going, but the fun is there in this elegant tale.

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