The 27 Best Enemy Books to Read in 2021


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  • Enemies to lovers books involve two characters (usually polar opposites) who fall in love.
  • We’ve rounded up the best enemy books for lovers, from classic period plays to modern romantic comedies.
  • Want more books? Discover the best fantasy series and historical fiction books.

Among many romantic tropes, the enemies of romantic romance can reign supreme. Whether it’s YA romantic comedies or period dramas, these novels feature a budding romance between two opposing characters (Think of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy’s initially controversial relationship in “Pride and Prejudice”) .

Although the plots and locations may vary – a dreaded wedding in a foreign country, the bucolic British countryside, a free honeymoon or international relations – the passion, tension, desire, forbidden love and the discovery of self make these stories compelling to readers.

We’ve seen it in movies – namely, every ’90s high school storyline – but you’ll experience a slow-burning romance to the fullest via a book.

Below you’ll find enemy books for TK lovers that will itch your itch, from classics like “Wuthering Heights” to new summer reads like “The Hating Game”.

The 27 best books enemies of lovers:

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