The best books of 2022 to add to your reading list

It will be a year of spectacular books. The best books of 2022, that is, the most anticipated new books of the coming year, are amazing. There are non-fiction books and novels about cults, female friendships, family ties, and future civilizations. Books that will make you laugh until the mascara runs down your face. Scary thrillers and gripping memories. Romantic books that will make you download dating apps again. There is no reason to ask, “Which book should I read?” For a full year.

Pull out your card – whether it’s a Visa card or a good old-fashioned library card – and get ready to pre-order or get on waiting lists for these new 2022 books. who should be Amazon’s best sellers. Do what you can to get your hands on these glossy hardback covers, their glossy covers are begging to transform a built-in shelf or tuck away in a tote bag. Go ahead, spam your reading group text with arguments as to why your novels to read this year should include literary fiction about an octopus (Remarkably brilliant creatures, May) or a novel about obsessive female friendship set in the early 2000s in Berlin (Other people’s clothing, February) or the book about a mixed race vampire who keeps looking mukbang videos (woman eating April.)

Get excited: 2022 book releases are coming. These are Charmthe most anticipated books to read in the coming year.

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