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Players need to gain knowledge by reading encyclopedia entries and deepen knowledge of the region to solve certain problems. Here’s how!

Nowadays, much of the literature found in video games is ignored in favor of more action-packed gameplay, which is understandable in most titles with fast-paced combat and intense spellcasting. However, playing in video games that have a different tone can allow developers to convey some things that they cannot through visual or auditory means.

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In Black book, by Russian indie developer Morteshka, players must use their words to weave spells and fight demons, but also to advise villagers, and other feats that require strong linguistic prowess. However, such power does not come from the air, as players must acquire it in-game by reading encyclopedia entries and exploring the region’s deepest lore as well as its creatures of the night.

About knowledge (clues) and knowledge (Exp)

passing tutorial message on mechanics and a red overlay to show knowledge.

What knowledge means in the black book

There will be plenty of times the game makes a decision involving lots of new words, concepts, and captions. As the new witch, Vasilisa, players can use the game’s hint mechanic, known as “Knowledge”, represented by a triangular icon. This feature will help you select the correct answer, however, it comes at a cost.

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About gaining knowledge in the black book

Using Knowledge halves the Experience (called in-game Knowledge) a player can gain, drastically reducing the speed at which they can level up. As such, it is best to avoid using knowledge advice as much as possible. A much better way to determine which is the best decision in many situations is to open the menu and take a look at the encyclopedia entries that one has gathered, as the game allows players to do so at any time. even in combat.

Explore everywhere, talk to everyone and read everything

screenshot overlaid on encyclopedia text as a visual guide.

Where to find new encyclopedia entries

To collect the reference material which will be crucial in solving the problems in Black book, players will have to interact with the world around them to learn new things. Examine subjects in nature or while one is able to walk around is a great way to not only pick up some facts, but also hidden herbs and other items.

Talking to people is also very important to get new information. on current demonic activity which cannot be found in written form. Encyclopedia entries can be found in other ways as well, although all of these methods involve exploration and investigation as much as possible.

How to read encyclopedia entries

Open the menu and go to the second tab from the right; one that has an icon displaying a feather and a page. This is the player’s Onomasticon, the section where all of the collected encyclopedia entries can be found. There are 2 sub-tabs here which further divide the information collected so that players can more easily find the entries. Be sure to refer to this menu often, as getting the best results from decisions will lead to leveling up faster and gaining more power to fight the forces of the underworld.

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