Wicklow’s Sammy the Seal comes to life in new children’s book

DR CHLOE Devlin’s first children’s book, “Bruscar,” details the adventures of the Town of Wicklow’s most famous seal, “Sammy,” while educating children on topics such as marine biology, oceanography and durability.

rowing in the town of Wicklow, Chloe has always had a deep connection to the sea. She holds a PhD from University College Dublin where she studied the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems. She has worked in the field of maritime education for over ten years with students ranging in age from infancy to postgraduate level.

She has two sons, aged one and three, and wrote this book with them in mind.

Chloe said, “Kids love to learn more about sea creatures and how the oceans work. There is now a real appetite among students to learn more about climate change and protecting the planet. My knowledge, as well as my two sons’ love for books, inspired me to write my first children’s book.

“Bruscar” tells the story of Sammy the Seal, who regularly visits Wicklow Harbor. In the book, Sammy goes on an adventure with his friends to find an infamous sea monster called Bruscar. However, not all is what it seems, and Sammy makes an unexpected discovery. The book talks about the problem of marine litter and the problems it creates for marine life. History encourages children to recognize the importance of our oceans and play their part in protecting them.

Chloe and her family are registered as the Clean Coasts group and perform regular beach cleanups along the Murrough in the town of Wicklow. Chloe also runs an educational Instagram account called @happy_sea_ire where you can learn more about marine biology and how to live a more sustainable life.

Speaking about marine litter, Chloe said, “The oceans are the life support system on our planet. They cover over 70% of the planet, provide more than half of the oxygen we breathe, regulate our climate, and provide us with food, medicine and raw materials. We simply couldn’t survive without our oceans, but they are in danger. Each year, more than 10 million tonnes of waste enters the oceans, the majority coming from the land.

“The term ‘marine litter’ covers a range of materials that have been deliberately thrown, or accidentally lost on shore or at sea, and includes materials that are transported to sea from land, rivers, water systems. drainage and sewerage, or wind. Over 70 percent of this litter is plastic, which never breaks down. Marine litter enters the water as it blows out of cities, passes through our sanitation systems, or can be lost or dumped at sea, like fishing gear. Marine litter poses a huge threat to marine life. It can harm marine animals by entangling and suffocating them, can be ingested and poison them, and can contribute to the spread of invasive species. Marine litter can also impact us and our communities, contaminating beaches, damaging boats and fishing gear, and entering the human food chain.

This 28-page picture book was written for children between the ages of two and eight. The book was printed in County Louth on Shiro Echo paper, which is recyclable, biodegradable and FSCtm certified.

The CO2 emissions generated by the paper are fully offset. The book will go on sale this week. The book will be on sale at Bridge Street Books in the town of Wicklow, the Jiminy Eco Toys online store (www.jiminy.ie) as well as Chloe’s “Happy Sea” Instagram page.

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