Writer shares funny stories aboard the bus

Christopher Candy is currently writing a series of children's books based on his experiences in the bus industry.

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Christopher Candy is currently writing a series of children’s books based on his experiences in the bus industry.

A writer from Manawatū uses his experience in the bus industry to tell children fun and positive stories about buses.

Christopher Candy self-published Comet the red bus, a 24-page picture book for children ages two to eight, in 2021.

Candy said getting on buses for the first time, especially public buses, could be intimidating for kids, and he wanted to show how fun it could be.

“I want them to see the buses as a friendlier and more fun experience.”

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Comet the red bus was written by Candy and accompanied by bright and colorful images, illustrated by Samor Shikder.

Comet the red bus is fun to watch and carries many interesting characters around town while Billie, the driver, is friendly and helpful with the passengers, ”said Candy.

After driving buses for over 10 years, he was now Director of Operations at Tranzit Coachlines Manawatū.

He said he used that experience and what he saw in the industry to help him with ideas.

“Writing a children’s book was something I always wanted to do, but not necessarily something I thought I could do,” he said. “So, I thought I would write about something familiar to me. “

Since publication Comet the red bus he had received messages from bus drivers across the country with comments and ideas for future books.

“The feedback I got from booksellers is that they’ve never seen anything like it before, so I’m really looking forward to running with it. “

Following Comet the red bus, he had continued to write more books in the same vein and was looking to get his next book published in a professional manner.

Comet the red bus is available in softcover and hardcover and can be purchased online at www.christophercandy.co.nz.

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